Nigel Shambler


Hi I'm Nigel, I'm married with 3 kids, all of whom have been/are members of Aylesford Youth Club. I live locally, have 2 guinea pigs and the greediest Chocolate Labrador that has ever existed.
I am a police officer working at our headquarters in Maidstone and have been a volunteer at the Club for about 4 years, starting a short time after it opened in 2005.

I am happy to help out at the Club as I think that it provides a great opportunity for youngsters in the area to meet up and have a laugh in a safe environment. As well as the activities in the club each week, we have put on loads of excursions and trips over the years, of which I think the go-kart racing and ice skating were particularly good. We have a great membership and many of them come regularly each week. We're looking to arrange more activities in the months to come and hope to see more youngsters joining to take advantage of what the club offers